1888– Organized in a house on Chicago Street in the New Chicago subdivision


Rev. A.J. Buckner, his wife, Mrs. Buckner, Sis. Mattie Young, Sis. Faulkner,

Bro. and Sis. Doby

                  1899-Completed church dedicated. Rev. A. J. Buckner elected pastor

                                    Succeeding Pastors:

                                                      Rev. Faulkner, Rev. Smith, Rev. Glispie, Rev. Woodards

                 The church moved to Jones Street, now known as Bellevue Boulevard while Rev. Woodards was pastor.

                  Succeeding Pastors:

                                    Rev. Johnson, Rev. Bolden, Rev. J. L. Barton

 A new building was built on the front lot while the old church stood on the back lot under the administration of Rev. Barton.

                  Succeeding Pastors:

                                    Rev. Gatewood, Rev. James Naylor, Rev. J. H. Griffin

 The frame building was bricked while Rev. J. H. Griffin was pastor.

                  Succeeding Pastors:

                                    Rev. O. V. Garner, Rev. Brady Johnson

 Temporary services conducted at New Chicago Church of God in Christ on Louisville until a new sanctuary was built.

 November 24, 1963, ribbon cutting for new sanctuary.

                  Succeeding Pastor:

                                    Rev. Robert Guy

 During Rev. Guy’s tenure an educational building was added consisting of several classrooms and a new pastor’s study; a bus was purchased to transport Senior Citizens, a parking lot and a lighted sign were added.

                  Succeeding Pastor:

                                    Rev. Carl E. Shields

 Rev. Shields was elected pastor Sunday, October 31, 1982.

 A second bus was purchased, children’s nursery reopened, Angel Choir formed, guest appearances on KWAM radio station, worship services conducted at Penal Farm Correctional Center, annual Shields Family Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner initiated where food baskets were distributed to the needy and monthly worship services conducted at State Prison and Penal Farm.  Worship services were conducted on WHBQ television, and financial planning seminars and Health and Fitness sessions conducted periodically.

 The church moved to a new sanctuary, November 29, 1998 in the Raleigh-Frayser neighborhood.